2021 CQ World Wide VHF


First contest entry as a rover. Some minor computer issues got things off to a slow start, but once that was resolved all went pretty well. Still some kinks to work out and plenty of room for improvements in the rover station and setup, but overall a good first outing.

Sat: EN40 EN41 EN51 EN50
Sun: EM57 EM47 EM49 EM59

In a late change to the plan for Sunday I tried to get down to the EM46/47/56/57 grid corner, but mother nature had other plans. The rover setup was not doing well in the rain at all, so I ended up retreating to better weather and hit a few grids closer to home.

Some decent 6m openings on Saturday kept things interesting and even managed a small SSB run late in the evening. But, the highlight of the contest was working N1BUG in FN55 on 2m from EN50.

Flex 6600 / Q5 Signal 5BVUX / 2m 100w brick
6m - Par Moxon @ 12’
2m - Directive Systems 6el Rover Yagi @ 10'

Qs by Band/Mode:
6m SSB: 61
6m FT8: 57
2m SSB: 15
2m FT8: 23

Thanks to everyone for the Qs and especially to Jeff K9KLD and Ron K9YY for the help putting the rover together.